happy 3rd birthday, amber!

amber baby picture

Three years ago, our little puppy princess was born  Well, technically her birthday was yesterday, but with the whole holiday thing and all I figured today would work just as well to celebrate.  Since the day we got her 3 months later, she has been such a huge part of our world.  Whether she’s driving […]

site design update

Hey everyone! Solano’s Kitchen has gotten a much needed design update, just in time for the holidays.  Speaking of which – hope everyone’s Thanksgiving planning and prep is going smoothly!  More updates and functionality are coming soon, but in the meantime, take a look around and let me know what you think! Thanks all! – […]

pumpkin crème brûlée

pumpkin creme brulee

Do you have your Thanksgiving menu all planned out? If not, get on it – you’re certainly cutting it close! Gives me an anxiety attack just thinking about it But if you’re hosting a smaller Thanksgiving dinner, or are looking for something sweet outside the norm of pumpkin and pecan pie, consider these pumpkin crème brûlées. […]

baked sunday mornings: antique caramel cake

antique caramel cake

Love this cake from Baked Elements!  I’ve missed the past couple Baked Sunday Mornings recipes just because everything has been crazy busy at home and work.  I really wanted to make both the Good Morning Sunshine Bars and the Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars, but the days got away from me and it just never happened.  When I […]

mulled wine cranberry sauce

mulled wine cranberry sauce

Cranberry sauce.  Honestly, in the past I’ve felt like I could take it or leave it.  The only way I really even ate it was on a Bobbie from Capriotti’s (mmm, Capriotti’s…).  Don’t get me wrong, I liked making it – there’s something fun about watching all those hard little cranberries pop – but after making […]

apple cider caramels

apple cider caramels

This fall, I feel like I’ve been hearing about apple cider caramels everywhere.  I’ve made vanilla bean caramels before, and I kept thinking to myself, how much different could these really be?  I mean, I love pumpkin spice and apple cider and all those fall flavors, but would it really shine through in a caramel? […]