lil law’s gender reveal!

Lil Law Gender Reveal

Last Thursday, Daren and I had a really fun and exciting experience – our anatomy scan!  After a small but stressful scheduling snafu (my midwives’ office forgot to fax the prescription over to the imaging center), we got everything sorted out and settled in for our hour-long ultrasound. I had no idea the anatomy scan […]

chocolate chip pancakes

Chocolate Chip Pancakes fg

Up until recently, pancakes haven’t been something we’ve made at home all that often.  A few years ago (like 3 or 4), we went through a phase where we were taking a certain brand’s “shake and pour” pancake mix and adding pumpkin pie spice to it – but as I got more and more into […]

bacon, cheddar and scallion scones

Bacon Chedder Scones

Who says scones are just for breakfast?? A few weeks ago, Daren and I went to one of King Arthur Flour’s traveling baking demos.  The one we saw was called Baking with Yeast and Whole Grains (and was AWESOME! Seriously, even Daren enjoyed it), while there was one earlier in the day called Perfect Pies […]