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bb4Halloween is a pretty special holiday in our household.  Four years ago, Daren and I met at a Halloween party, and quickly thereafter became a couple.  Ever since then, we’ve made it our thing to really go all out with the Halloween costumes – we’ve actually been known to start brainstorming Halloween ideas as early as May (or even before the previous Halloween has ended – since we’ve already started thinking of ideas for next year!)  3 of the past 4 years, Daren and I have thrown Halloween parties, and we love to try and carry a theme throughout the whole house (including Amber, of course!)  Here are some of our costumes from previous years:


Last year’s costumes – Daenarys and Viserys Targaryen

xmen halloweenWolverine and Rogue


 And my absolute favorite – Dexter, complete with kill room (I was one of his victims)


This year, we went with Daren’s new favorite show – Breaking Bad!

Our original plan was to have Daren be Walter White, and I would be Jesse Pinkman.  Well, about a week before the party, a slight wrench got thrown in those plans – we found out that Daren’s sister and brother-in-law were planning to do the same thing! No worries – we quickly figured out a way to make it a family affair.

bb3As you can see, Daren was a DEA agent, and I became a Los Pollos Hermanos waitress.  We even got the dogs in on the action!

daren amber deaAmber was DEA, K-9 unit.  Doesn’t she just look thrilled in this photo?  I unfortunately don’t have any shots of Mojo, the other pup, but he made a fantastic “Breaking Bad dog” – complete with his own yellow suit and respirator mask.

Now of course we also had to incorporate the theme into the food we served.  My first order of business was whipping up some blue “meth” hard candy…

meth candyAnd then we threw together some sliders and called them “Heisenburgers.”

heisenburgersAnd finally, the Breaking Bad opening credits made for a relatively easy sugar cookie design!

Breaking Bad Cookies

Here’s our complete menu – I’ll be posting more of the recipes in the weeks to come!


Main Dishes:

  • Heisenburgers
  • Fried Chicken


  • Blue “meth” hard candy
  • Salted caramel Rice Krispy Treats
  • Breaking Bad sugar cookies
  • Caramel corn

Here are a few more pictures from the party – I think everyone enjoyed themselves! Now it’s your turn to share – what are you being for Halloween?  What was your favorite Halloween costume ever?

Happy Halloween, everyone!!

girls halloween

kristen lauren brynn halloween

ali amber deaww missingamber deaSomeone did a little too much partying :)

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