bacon, cheddar and scallion scones

Bacon Chedder Scones

Who says scones are just for breakfast?? A few weeks ago, Daren and I went to one of King Arthur Flour’s traveling baking demos.  The one we saw was called Baking with Yeast and Whole Grains (and was AWESOME! Seriously, even Daren enjoyed it), while there was one earlier in the day called Perfect Pies […]

coconut raspberry waffles

Coconut Raspberry Waffles fg

Breakfast. Most important meal of the day, right? So why do so many of us skip it?? I used to be really guilty of this. For a long time, I wouldn’t eat breakfast at all. The past few years, I got better about at least eating something, but it was usually just grabbing a quick granola bar […]

pumpkin oat bread

pumpkin oat bread

I told you we were on a pumpkin kick around here!  See, what happens is, I open a can of pumpkin puree.  Said jar contains 1 3/4 cups pumpkin.  Then my recipe only calls for 1 cup of pumpkin.  So, I need to make something else! Except, this recipe ALSO calls for 1 cup of […]

diy apple butter

apple butter

You know, the first time I ever tried apple butter, I have to say I was less than impressed.  Growing up, I’m not sure if it wasn’t readily available in our area, or if we just didn’t eat it because my parents didn’t eat it.  That last option is a definite possibility – my dad, […]

maple almond granola

maple almond granola

Camping Series Part 2: Maple Almond Granola Granola is another perfect camping food- it’s easily portable, highly customizable and tastes great! This recipe is really just a starting point – you can change out the nuts and/or the dried fruits to better suit your taste. It has a nice sweetness from the maple syrup, the […]

homemade clif bars

clif bars 4

Camping Series Part 1: Homemade Clif Bars Once or twice a year, Daren and his buddies pack up their things and head off into the wilderness for a 4 day guys-only camping trip where they can relax and do “man things” (as anyone whose husband goes on these trips knows, the words “wilderness” and “man […]

baked french toast

baked french toast

Baked French toast is a fun breakfast to make – there’s something that seems special or fancy about it, but in reality it’s a snap to make.  To me, the best part about it is that you can assemble it all the night before and then just pop it in the oven in the morning.  […]

cinnamon swirl bread

Cinnamon swirl bread

Wow.  That’s really about all I have to say about this bread.  Let’s just say that the words “this is so good!” may have been heard repeatedly in our kitchen over the 4 days that we ate it for breakfast and/or dessert.  Not to mention the morning that Daren turned it into French toast – […]

strawberry shortcakes

strawberry shortcakes

Berry season is upon us! 2 weeks in a row now we’ve gotten strawberries in our CSA share, and this time I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them.  When I saw this recipe on the King Arthur Flour website, I couldn’t believe how easy it looked.  I’ve made biscuits before, and always […]

banana espresso chocolate chip muffins

Banana Espresso Muffins

These muffins have quickly become a breakfast favorite around our house.  The banana and espresso flavors go together surprisingly well, with the chocolate chips adding a nice balanced sweetness.  Not to mention the extra caffeine kick you get from the espresso powder I love recipes like this, that only require 2 bowls and no stand […]