herbed turkey meatballs with cranberry sauce

Herbed Turkey Meatballs 2

Anyone still have Thanksgiving leftovers in the fridge? I know we do!  Well, to be fair, they’re Saturday’s leftovers from second Thanksgiving, but that’s pretty much the same thing. Remember when I mentioned finding the best cranberry sauce recipe ever?  Well, this is the best thing to do with those cranberry sauce leftovers.  Or at […]

maple almond granola

maple almond granola

Camping Series Part 2: Maple Almond Granola Granola is another perfect camping food- it’s easily portable, highly customizable and tastes great! This recipe is really just a starting point – you can change out the nuts and/or the dried fruits to better suit your taste. It has a nice sweetness from the maple syrup, the […]

homemade clif bars

clif bars 4

Camping Series Part 1: Homemade Clif Bars Once or twice a year, Daren and his buddies pack up their things and head off into the wilderness for a 4 day guys-only camping trip where they can relax and do “man things” (as anyone whose husband goes on these trips knows, the words “wilderness” and “man […]

southwest chicken salad with chipotle honey dressing

southwest chopped chicken salad

I haven’t posted many salads here, mostly because I figure, well, there isn’t much cooking involved.  You take whatever ingredients you enjoy, you toss them together with some lettuce, and voila – a salad.  However, I don’t mind posting salads (or pasta salads, or things of that nature) if they involve some kind of unique […]

grilled salmon with strawberry avocado salsa

Salmon with Strawberry Avocado Salsa

With the wedding rapidly approaching (only 50 days to go… whoaa), I’ve been increasing my efforts to find healthy but delicious options for our meals.  I’m trying to incorporate more lean proteins, especially fish, and more fruits and vegetables into our diets.  This meal fit that description perfectly, and was tasty as well! I wasn’t […]

greek chicken salad

Greek Chicken Salad

Another great use for that homemade pita bread!  In addition to hummus, we used ours for this Greek chicken salad.  For this recipe, you can go all out, roast your own chicken and make your own tzatziki sauce (not necessarily difficult, but certainly more time consuming); or you can do what I did and buy […]

how to: make your own hummus


As I mentioned before, we eat a lot of hummus around here.  I tend to eat lunch fairly early, so by the time I get home from school I’m usually pretty hungry – and it’s still way to early to think about dinner.  While I do love hummus from Trader Joe’s, and will buy that […]

tequila lime chicken

English Muffins

(P.S. – the light that I use to take pictures at night burned out yesterday RIGHT as I was shooting this photo – so bear with my on the picture quality ) This tequila lime chicken was a quick, easy meal that only required a little bit of forethought (in order to allow the chicken […]

black bean burgers

These black bean burgers are similar to the black bean patties I’ve posted before, with just a few small differences.  Topped with a slice of sharp cheddar and served on some homemade hamburger buns, they make a great healthy and easy meal! Ingredients ¾ cup panko bread crumbs 3 tbsp. plus 2 tsp. olive oil, […]

roasted veggie tortilla pizza

Veggie Pizza

We were really surprised by this meal.  I decided to make it because we had most of the ingredients, and because I have been sick all week and wanted something that would take minimal time/effort.  I figured it would be easy but nothing too special.  Also pretty sure that Daren was kind of skeptical   […]