life with the lawrences: stitch fix october

sf black dress

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen; it’s Stitch Fix time! In case you missed it last time, Stitch Fix is my latest habit to hide from my husband really cool obsession.  To quickly recap: you go online here, fill out a style profile to let them know all your likes and dislikes, and a stylist (my last […]

life with the lawrence’s: stitch fix


Alright guys, time to share my newest obsession with you – Stitch Fix! I’m sure by this point, a lot of you have heard of Stitch Fix (if you read a lot of blogs, you almost certainly have – it has definitely blown up in the blogging world!)  In case you haven’t, let me give […]

life with the lawrence’s: home renovations


How is it possible that the school year has started back up again already??!  This week was back-to-school week for our students, and I swear it feels like we never really left.  Although I guess when you work for a 12-month program, it’s easy to feel that way – staff were only off for 2 […]