happy 3rd birthday, amber!

amber baby pictureThree years ago, our little puppy princess was born :)  Well, technically her birthday was yesterday, but with the whole holiday thing and all I figured today would work just as well to celebrate.  Since the day we got her 3 months later, she has been such a huge part of our world.  Whether she’s driving us crazy or making us giggle, barking at the neighbors or giving sweet cuddly kisses, she is simply the greatest.  We love you Amber, here’s to many many more birthdays!

P.S. – sorry for the quality of the pics; most of them were taken with a cell phone :)

Here she is on the day we brought her home:


new puppy!and playing in the snow the very next day:

Amber snowThen there was the time we brought her to Home Goods… and dressed her up in a ridiculous awesome furry coat:

amber home goods

I mean look at that cute face!


Spoiled much?

amber puppy bedAmber also loves the beach.

DSC_0106Not quite sure what she thought of being wrapped up in Christmas lights though… (thanks for the pics Rebecca!)

Amber lights 2

Amber lightsHappy Birthday, Amber! Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday; we had a great time celebrating with family and with our little girl!

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