baked sunday mornings: mile high chocolate cake

mile high choc cakeThis week’s recipe for Baked Sunday Mornings was quite the cake! While I’ve made plenty of 3-layer cakes, I’ve never gone with a 6-layer before – although after making this one I will certainly consider it in the future :) I do think my cake layers were very slightly underbaked (by like 1-2 minutes), which caused them to break a little bit when I turned them out of the pans.  As a result, it was slightly more challenging to cut the layers in half.  I did use a cake leveler instead of a serrated knife, which I think made it much easier – no freezing of the cakes required.  From the outside, you couldn’t tell the difference, but when the cake was cut you could see where the layers got a little thin toward the center.  Daren also thought I went a little thick on the frosting layers, but in my opinion you can never have too much frosting!

mile high choc cake 3It took all my willpower not to frost the outside of the cake before drizzling on the ganache – I was convinced that would make for a much more attractive cake.  But, I wanted to stay true to the recipe, and it tasted delicious regardless!

Speaking of the frosting, I LOVED this recipe.  I had forgotten how much easier Italian meringue buttercream is to make than Swiss meringue – no constant whisking of the egg whites while they’re cooking, and no worrying about them scrambling despite your best efforts!  I think the Italian meringue is going to be my go-to when a recipe calls for meringue buttercream from here on out.  I also used scraped vanilla beans and a little vanilla extract rather than vanilla bean paste, but only because that was what I had on hand.  Also, in the recipe, they talk about re-warming and re-beating the mixture (potentially more than once) if the frosting looks curdled – in my experience, if you just keep letting the meringue beat on medium-high speed, it will eventually come together on its own!  I’ve never had much of an issue with it – so that might help eliminate an extra step.  As far as the cake goes, it was tasty, but I don’t think it is necessarily any better than my usual chocolate cake recipe – in the future I’ll probably stick with that one since it doesn’t have any shortening in it.

mile high choc cake 2Overall, the cake was a hit – I would definitely use this same concept again!

Check out the recipe over at Baked Sunday Mornings (or get your own copy of Baked Elements!), and see what everyone else thought here!




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  1. Hee, I also had the urge to frost the sides of the cake — but your cake looks wonderful! I especially love your thick glaze!

  2. I really need to get a cake leveler. Your cake turned out great!

  3. These photos are making me wish I’d made a chocolate dessert this weekend! Looks decadent and delicious.

  4. Yes, it was hard not to frost the outside! Your cake looks wonderful.

  5. Your cake looks delicious! I especially like your last line about using this concept again :)

  6. 7 years later I found your cake creation, looked good.


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