baked sunday mornings: peanut butter chocolate whirligigs

peanutbutter chocolate whirligigs2Nailed it! Or… not.

Seriously, these cookies were a BIT of a pain in the behind.  As the name implies, they were meant to be whirligigs – as in peanut butter cookies with a swirl of chocolate in the middle.  Does that look like a swirl to you?  No, folks, it does not.  In case you’re having trouble picturing it, here’s a photo from the Baked Elements cookbook, indicating what the cookies should look like…

pb choc whirligigs baked elementsYeah… not quite.  I didn’t let the dough chill for the full 3 hours the second go round in the refrigerator, which may have contributed to the problem… although I’m honestly not convinced these would have worked out that wonderfully either way.  The chocolate just got WAY too hard to slice through without completely distorting the cookie dough around it, even using my nice, sharp chef’s knife.  Maybe a quick stint in the freezer to firm up the dough even further?  Other people in the group seemed to have success, so who knows – I’ve decided not to concern myself too much about it :)

peanutbutter chocolate whirligigs

Regardless, the cookies tasted fantastic, which is the most important thing in the end.  I’m not sure I would try these again the way the recipe is written, because all the steps didn’t seem worth it for a product that came out messy looking anyway – although I WOULD  use the peanut butter dough again, and just add chocolate chips to the batter instead.  I brought them with me to a work training Friday, and no one seemed to mind their less-than-perfect appearance :)

For the recipe, and to see what everyone else thought, head on over to Baked Sunday Mornings!

Yield: about 36 cookies

Source: Baked Elements


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  1. Taste is definitely the most important thing! And I really like the way your cookies turned out — they might not have a swirl, but they look deliciously chocolate-y, all the same!

  2. I totally agree, the dough would be perfect with some chocolate chips folded in and baked, which would also shave about 6 hours of chill time from the recipe!

  3. I was eating the dough after I made it, and seriously thought of stopping there and just making regular PB cookies! It was good.
    It was a lot of chilling time.

  4. Ali, I’m glad you liked them anyway– you’re right, the taste is the most important thing! I chilled my logs in the freezer for two hours, which worked great. My dough was very soft, so I think it needs the chill time, otherwise it would be a big, greasy mess in the oven… I think. Anyway, it was a good save! :)

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