breaking bad sugar cookies

bb cookiesToday’s post is not so much a recipe as just sharing how I made these Breaking Bad sugar cookies for our Breaking Bad Halloween!  As I’ve mentioned before, it took me a long time to give decorated sugar cookies a go.  I was sure my serious lack of artistic talent would bring any such attempts to a screeching halt, but shockingly I’ve actually had some success with them!  (Those onesie cookies in that last link are my absolute favorite :) )I just try to keep the designs on the simpler side, and employ the help of my trusty icing-flooder sidekick (thanks D).  For these cookies, I used a 2 1/2 inch square cookie cutter.  For the background, I mixed my royal icing with Americolor gel food coloring, using predominantly Leaf Green, with a drop of Black and a drop of Teal.  The lettering was done with plain white royal icing – I made a majority of Br and Ba cookies, to match the show’s opening credits, and added some other element symbols to go along with them.

The recipes I used, as well as a tutorial for decorating with royal icing, can be found here!

Breaking Bad Cookies

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