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cold brew coffeeAround here, we love coffee – in all forms.  We most commonly use our Keurig to brew a few regular cups each morning, and we both love the convenience of the machine as well as the fact that I can have my flavored K-cups while Daren can brew up whatever he would like.  That being said, feel free to hand me an espresso, cappuccino, latte – you name it, I’ll drink it! I also love me some iced coffee (particularly iced caramel lattes, mmm…)  Unfortunately, iced coffee hasn’t been something I get to drink much of at home, for logistical reasons – until now!  When I first saw a recipe using a cold brew method of brewing coffee, I was pretty skeptical.  With no heat involved, I think my reaction was, “that can’t POSSIBLY be as good as real coffee…”  After seeing similar recipes pop up in 2 or 3 different places, though, I figured I might as well look into it a little further.  Turns out, cold brew coffee is not only as good as “real” – or let’s say typically-brewed – coffee, when it comes to iced coffee it’s even better.  Cold brew coffee is both less acidic and less caffeinated (which isn’t NECESSARILY a good thing, but whatever :) ), and in terms of convenience it’s got even the Keurig beat.  You can brew up a large batch and store it in fridge, and bam – you have a delicious icy treat whenever you’d like!  I’ve stored it in the fridge for almost a week, and it still tasted as good as the first day.  I think there’s a good chance it would last even longer – we just ran out before that point!

cold brew coffee 2


  • 1 lb ground coffee beans
  • cold water


Combine the coffee grounds with 12 cups (3 quarts) of cold water in a large container.  Stir to make sure all of the grounds are wet, then cover and allow to steep for 8-12 hours.

Pour the coffee through a fine mesh strainer into another large container.  This will get rid of the larger pieces of coffee grounds, but there will still be some sludge that passes through.  Dump the grounds out of the strainer and line the mesh strainer with a coffee filter.  Pass the coffee back through the strainer and coffee filter into the container you plan to store the coffee in (I picked up this dispenser for $8 at Target; works great so far!)  The coffee will likely take a long time to transfer, and you may have to change out the filter a couple times.

Once the coffee is fully filtered, dilute with additional water.  I used 8 cups; you may want to use more or less depending on your tastes.  Store in the refrigerator and serve over ice.  I make mine with 1/2 and 1/2 and Splenda; I’m also planning on making some flavored simple syrups to use with it soon!

We’ll certainly be making this throughout the rest of the summer, and perhaps for a whole lot longer than that!

Source:  Cook Like a Champion


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