baked sunday mornings: peanut butter banana bread

PB Banana Bread

Peanut Butter Banana Bread | Solanos Kitchen

So, in addition to my third-trimester-induced accidental blogging break, I seem to have taken a loong break from posting with the Baked Sunday Mornings blogging group.  I didn’t even realize how long it had been until I sat down to write this post, and realized that the last one I participated in were these banana whoopie pies with milk chocolate Swiss meringue buttercream – way back in June.  Oops. (Those were totally delicious by the way if you haven’t seen them.)  A few of the recipes since then seemed too involved, or I just wasn’t particularly dying to make them, but others – like this Vanilla Bean Malt Cake – I can’t wait to go back and try out.

I knew this peanut butter banana bread would be a great one to jump back in on, since a) it’s a quick bread, so wouldn’t require a lot of time or effort, b) I wouldn’t even have to pull out the mixer (that seems to be my definition of “effortful” these days), and c) we tend to have a pretty steady flow of bananas around here, thanks to all the smoothies we’ve been blending up.  I’ve been meaning to make banana bread for a while now anyway, so when this popped up it was perfect.

PB Banana Bread

The bread was super easy as predicted, and made for a great breakfast treat.  I really liked how you could taste the peanut butter in it but it wasn’t  overpowering by any means, which peanut butter has a tendency to be.  You could definitely still taste the banana flavor in this.  And the chocolate chips, well, when aren’t they a good idea?

A couple of minor notes – the recipe indicates that you can make your own peanut butter for this, which I think would be awesome – I just took the easy way out this time and used store-bought.  It’s also supposed to be chunky peanut butter, but again, easy way out – we had smooth pb in the house, so that’s what I used.  Chunky would probably give it even better flavor and texture! I think it’s all a personal preference thing.  The Baked boys also note that you can use natural peanut butter in all of their peanut butter recipes, but the way natural peanut butter separates always makes me super nervous to use it when baking, so I used good old Skippy.  All in all, a great, easy quick bread - head over to Baked Sunday Mornings to check out the recipe and see what everyone else thought!

Yield: 1 9 x 5-inch loaf

Source: Baked Elements

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